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Employee Wellness Program

One Partner. Total Wellness.

Mind | Body | Work | Life

Employee Wellness isn't a perk... it's essential.

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Average ROI

workplace wellness programs

Addressing the personal health and wellness of your team members may seem like a daunting task, but Rebel Health is here to streamline this process for you.  We serve as your comprehensive resource for all matters related to well-being, simplifying your responsibility and enhancing the overall health and happiness of your team. 


With a low per-employee cost and substantial ROI, wellness coaching is an incredible and thoughtful gift to your team and a sound and impactful investment in your organization.

Google Mindfulness Coach

Lucas has the unique ability to make complex subjects simple to understand. He has a clear and calming demeanor that left an impact on our audience. I would recommend him to any organization looking to incorporate balance into the workday.

-Amy Shamus, Google


Live Coaching. Deeper Connection.

Live coaching is engaging, interactive, adaptable, and helps to build a meaningful relationship between your team and the coach.  Pre-recorded modules, on the other hand, just help you sleep. 

Online or onsite, your team wants a person, not recordings.  

Wellness Topics that Change Lives

A sample of the coaching topics we will cover.

Monthly Coaching Webinar

Recorded for those that cannot attend live

Weekly Text Messages

For ongoing support and reminders about coaching tools

Support Materials

Printouts, outlines and recommended resources

Meditation Recordings

Easily accessible with a wide variety of durations

Yoga & Workouts

Video Instruction, training logs and more

Financial Wellness 

Personal finance advisory  services - Coming Soon


Private Coaching 

Individual coaching sessions for select individuals

Rebel Corporate health app


Meal tracking and goal setting

In-Person Workshops

Multi-hour or multi-day, immersive training sessions


The ultimate off-site experience

  Communication in any setting can be challenging, even when you speak the same language and are working toward the same goal.  But when you have remote teams, diverse cultures and unique personalities, it becomes a challenge to keep everyone on the same page and forge a clear path...  I enlisted the help of Lucas Irwin, who listened and transmitted mindfulness teachings to my team that I never thought was possible... Lucas disrupted the opening of the seminar by opening a few minds, offered new perspectives and allowed communication to improve for the days that followed.  I highly recommend him as a leader in this field.

Christian Dior corporate wellness

Real Tools. Real Impact.

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Happy, healthy teams are made up of happy, healthy individuals.

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