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Helping Men Explore, Examine and Grow via Mindfulness.

Humility  |  Veracious Inquiry  |  Growth

2023 Dates Coming Soon


Being a man (guy, dude, male, gentleman...), comes with it's own unique set of challenges, opportunities and responsibilities.  While we will incorporate the practice of mindfulness as a tool and framework to work with and examine various topics, this gathering is more about the discussions, learning and opportunities for growth.  No Mindfulness knowledge or experience is needed.  

In a social and political atmosphere that is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate, this gathering serves as an arena for men to openly express and explore the multitude of challenges they face.  This includes everything from relationships, financial pressure, parenting, stress management, aggression, sex, recognition, health and fitness, drugs and alcohol, anxiety, depression and more.... all topics are valid and welcome.


Our hope is that this gathering will truly help the individuals that attend and, in turn, help our communities by cultivating better husbands, boyfriends, father's, brothers, co-workers, friends and neighbors.  

Science has shown us how powerful mindfulness can be as a tool to help us better manage our thoughts, emotions, attention, habits and more.  With regular practice, we create an opportunity to regain a bit of control from auto-pilot and begin to take control.


We look forward to meeting you, hearing from you and, if you like, grabbing a beer together afterward.  

Cheers to the humble pursuit of finding the best version of ourselves.  

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