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What is Integrative Health?

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Life Management

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Take Control

At the core, mindfulness is about being present and connected to the present moment.  We spend so much of our time worrying about the future, re-living the past, wanting to change the unchangeable and stressing the little things that we miss out all there is to enjoy and appreciate.  This 2600-year-old practice has become a major component of medical science and modern medicine, due largely to the overwhelming evidence that continues to emerge, reinforcing the absolute necessity of this practice as a fundamental component of true health.


 Whether it is to better manage stress, anxiety, and pain or to find more joy, connection, and tranquility -- the practice of mindfulness can help to change our relationship to our environment and potentially change the quality of our lives.

Life Management

Prioritize and Organize

So much of what we have to deal with as humans are complex and stressful - trying to manage them all together can make it all seem virtually impossible. This organization process isn't about being told what the priorities are or exactly how to gain control; it's about having someone that can help you (in combination with mindfulness) step back and gain a more objective perspective, helping you to find new and effective solutions on your own.  

Life can feel overwhelming for all of us, but we can calm the storm.  


Fuel the Machine.

We all know how important our nutrition and consumption are to our health, but few understand just how deep and widespread the impacts truly are.  Compounding the problem is the massive amount of information and advice that we are exposed to on a daily basis  -- carbohydrates, sugar, gut health, fasting, keto, supplements. What is too much? Too little? Good for me?  


The truth is, everyone is very different and will respond best to different approaches.  With a plan and systematic exploration, we can work to find a balanced and sustainable plan that will maximize your health and well-being.  


Essential Activity

Activity and exercise come in many different forms and finding what is beneficial, efficient and effective can be a daunting task.  Whatever form it takes, regular activity is absolutely essential to our health and well-being.  Taking into concideration your current fitness level, health, injuries, and experience, we will work to find an exercise routine that is appropriate and conducive to your schedule. 

Life Managemet

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