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Meet life better.

Mindfulness-Based Personal Growth

The tools you need to take control.

Mindful Meet Up Online

Teaching Webinars

Learn & Explore

Every 4-6 weeks we explore topics, philosophies and questions that help us to expand our mind, perspective and strength. See sample session here (more)

Lucas Irwin Mindset Webinar

Online Courses

Live with Lucas G. Irwin

Classes, including the 5-week Mindful Foundations course will be offered throughout the year.  *These courses are FREE for all members. (more)  See upcoming course here


Reading & Discussion

Expansion & Growth

Quarterly readings are offered on a wide-variety of topics and styles. (more)

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Weekly Texts

Remind & Inspire

You will receive a weekly text message containing a quote, question or challenge to explore or apply throughout your week. This is  meant to be enriching, not annoying, so it is one per week.  (more)

Miami Silent Retreats

Silent Retreats

Deep Practice & Release

Yes, this really is free for members.  2x per year, 5-hour silent retreats will be hosted in Miami, FL.  These are rare and incredibly valuable opportunities to reset & connect with ourselves. (more)

Miami Mindfulness Group


In-Person Group Support

Regular meet-ups, including the Men's Rebel Legion, are free for all members.  These are incredible spaces to share, explore and practice with others in the community. (more)

Personal Growth Expert Interviews

Expert Interviews

Learn from the Best

Long-form conversation with experts from a variety of fields are conducted live (and recorded) for you to attend, learn and grow. See sample here (more)

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Live & Recorded

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will have access to numerous guided meditations, as well as a new, weekly, 20-minute meditation with Lucas G. Irwin.

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Beyond Your Membership

From nutritional supplements to electronics, I will continue to add partners that offer discounts to Rebel members.  Ex: Thorne Nutrition currently offers 35% off all supplements for members. 

Rebel Mindfulness Member Decal Circle

Membership Decal

Free with Registration

You are part of this incredible, supportive community now, and let's be honest... the logo looks great on our vehicle.  

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"When it matters, start today;
tomorrow never comes."


Everything included for less than the price of a single workshop!

Member Benefit Details

Monthly Webinars

Every 4-6 weeks we explore different, interesting topics together; ranging from stress management to discipline to personal relationships and beyond.  These webinars occur at least once per month, but may occur more frequently in some circumstances. These are conducted live via Zoom, but recordings of all webinars will be provided to all members.  The specific day of the week and time of live broadcasts will be rotated to help ensure that the opportunity to attend live is not limited to only those members will specific schedules. 

Free Online Courses

Lucas G Irwin will be teaching courses online, multiple times per year.  These are live, interactive courses; not recordings.   Multi-Week, in-person courses will not be totally free, but they will be heavily discounted for members.*members will be eligible for free classes after 90 days of membership. 

Monthly Reading

Reading is powerful and my of us find it to be a valuable learning tool.  Lucas will make a new recommendation every 3 months.  This quarterly reading is also a practice in discipline; helping us to keep on track, adding books to the "Completed" column and not the "Eventually" column.  From philosophers to Navy Seals to Biologist... we explore all in pursuit of expansion. 

Weekly Text Message

Being mindful is not all that challenging... however, remembering to be is incredibly difficult.  Each week you will receive a new message; some weeks it will be a quote to contemplate, others it may be a simple challenge and some weeks may pose a question.  All are designed to help us be more present and engaged with our days, weeks and lives.

Monthly Webinars
Free Online Courses
Monthly Reading
Weekly Text Message

Free Silent Retreat

Throughout the year, there will be 2 opportunities to attend an 5-hour day of silent practice, led and guided by Lucas G. Irwin.  These will be hosted in Miami, Florida.  These extended practices provide a truly incredible opportunity to disconnect from our daily routines and create a space to go deep in our personal mindfulness practice.  You may attend both retreats and guest will be permitted for approximately $100. 

Free Silent Retreat

Free Meet-Ups

All community meet-ups and groups are free for members.  This does include the Rebel Legion of Mindful Men, which costs $25 for non-members and the Mindful Meet-Up hosted at Baptist Health South Florida.  New days and times will be announced as Covid-19 related restrictions are lifted.    

Free Mee Ups

Expert Interviews

Learning from those that have dedicated their lives to a specific topic can be such an eye opening and mind-expanding experience. Live Interviews do not have a specific schedule, but generally occur every 8 weeks.  Recordings will be available to those who cannot attend live.  

Expert Interviews
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