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I - (poem)

Written by Lucas G. Irwin


From birth…

You are pushed, you are pulled and influence plants seed

As others show you the paths that they want you to see

You do your best to determine right over wrong

But society, pressure and influence are strong

You bend toward the light like a sun-deprived tree

In your attempt to be what you think the world wants to see

A captive bird’s flight is destroyed by the ceiling

The way human influence can govern your being

Your strengths, your passions, your journey, your love

reduced to pursuits you will only dream of

While the strong, the enlightened, the focused, the willing

Will overcome this character killing

Most will follow the path of conditioned illusion

Only to find internal confusion

The relentless pursuit of your truest star

Will bring struggle, conflict, wounds and scar

But the saddest tragedy by far

Would be dying without knowing who you truly are.


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