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Step Back

Written by Lucas G. Irwin

Step back.


Step back.


Can you see yourself yet?


Step back.

You aren’t stuck.

there is no wall at your back. No barrier.

only outstretched arms,

grasping the posts of familiarity in front of you.

Let go.

Step back.

Your freedom awaits…….it calls

in the wide open space behind you.

Right behind you.

Where the brightest lights and darkest shadows dance in symphonic harmony.

It’s always been there.

Where noise and silence are of the same.

It will always be there.

Where an infinite universe and finite lives embrace as equals in the here and now.

It has to be there.

Step back.

The ropes of comfort have tied your hands to the posts.

Severe the knot.

Let your hands bloom.

Step back.

Ahhh, you see yourself.

But you’re not there yet.

Let go of the One that let go.

See the One that stepped back.

Find yourself in the space that the I cannot go.

Neither can pain nor hate nor fear.

Yet, bewilderment, appreciation and love will drown you to life.

This is not an escape, withdraw or retreat,

but a deliberate acceptance of an invitation to join the beautifully delectable chaos of a life ignored;

leaving our heavy and burdensome costumes, masks, shields and swords in the chest at the end of the hall.

Step back.

I urge you.

Step back.


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